Genomic and Public Health Challenges (& Opportunities) Today. This is a Powerpoint presentation from Dr. Maxine Hayes of the Washington Department of Health.

CSG has issued a Survey of Nationwide Public Health Genetics Activities. The text is available in two pdf versions: one with colored maps for people with access to color printers, and one with the black and white-patterned maps for people who will be printing the survey on black and white copiers.

Survey in color
Survey in black and white
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D

Wisconsin Genetics Plan

Legislative Process for Genetics Coordinators - an overview.(607 KB) This is a PowerPoint presention about the legislative process with licensure for genetic counselors used as the example. Although the initial audience was genetic counselors, you may find the information helpful as more genetics legislation is introduced in your state. You will need to have Powerpoint to view the presentation.

Information on state coverage of foods and formula for PKU. This info is in pdf format. If you do not have a free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view pdf format, you can get one by clicking here and then selecting the Get Acrobat Reader button.

Hawaii Genetic Needs Assessment and Genetics Plan